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Meetup Sponsorship
Special thanks for Jay Harris and Arana Software for sponsoring the group's Meetup account, and for setting up the group's Twitter account.

Our Mission

  • To form a dynamic community of .NET Developers in the Las Vegas area.
  • To advance the understanding of the Microsoft's .NET platform with business and technology leaders in the region.

Why .NET and not some other technology?

  • We believe that .NET is the best choice of tools for building Desktop, Smart Device, Web enabled applications.

Which .NET subjects are focused on?

  • Visual Basic .Net
  • C # .Net
  • SQL (as programmed from the Visual Studio's IDE)
  • 3rd Party tools as they apply
  • Discussion on language conversions are always welcome

Why a Community?

  • To benefit from the synergy generated by like-minded individuals working together on something they want and believe in.

What's the Plan?

  • Monthly Presentations
  • Collaborative Projects
  • Web site as Virtual Community

How can I get Involved?

  • Attend the general meetings
  • Get to know the other members of the group
  • Ask questions and exchange ideas
  • Visit the web site, get involved in making it a vibrant virtual community
  • Suggest and/or participate in a collaborative project

This Mission Statement is a work in progress. If you have any comments and/or suggestions on how we can improve on it then we'd like to hear them.

For additional information,
please contact Richard at Group Leader

Next Meeting

Our next meeting is Thursday, October 25th. For this month, Shaun Abram will be talking about how pre-production testing alone is not enough to ensure that your software is working in the only place that really matters: production. We'll cover production deployment and testing strategies, observability, and chaos engineering.

The sole purpose of software is to have a positive impact on your customers.

And the only place your software has an impact on your customers is production.

While testing in demo and stage is good (indeed, essential), testing in production is all too often overlooked. Deploying to production and hoping for the best is a gamble, not a strategy.

In this talk, we discuss

1) Better production deployment and testing strategies including dark pool testing, canary releases and feature switching.

2) After deployment, your work is still not done. We'll talk about Observability, including monitoring, tracing and metrics.

3) Finally, even with the best deployment strategies and monitoring techniques, your software WILL fail in production. It's a question of when, not if. So why not simulate those failures first? We'll finish with game days and chaos engineering.

This talk should be of interest to all developers, QA and Ops folks who are responsible for getting working software in front of users.

Shaun Abram is a technical lead and development manager, interested in software design, architecture and continuous deployment. A Northern Ireland native, now happily based in San Francisco, Shaun is passionate about building quality software.

The dotNet will meeting this month at the inNEVation Center, located at 6795 Edmond Street, Las Vegas, NV 89118, 3rd floor.

The inNEVation Center is located in the southwest part of town, just south of the 215 (South) and just west of Decatur. Exit southbound onto Decatur from the 215, turn right on Badura Avenue and then another right on Edmond Street. The inNEVation Center is located in the west building. It's the building with the "Switch" logo.

InNEVation - Google Map

2018 Meeting Schedule

January 25th, Thursday
Gerardo Melendrez
Creating a .NET Core app and deploying the .NET Core app to an Azure's Linux VM

February 22nd, Thursday
Joe Mayo
Introduction to the Azure Bot Service

March 29th, Thursday
Jay Harris
Design for Non-Designers from a Non-Designer

April 26th, Thursday
Ed Macualey and Alan Yu
Microsoft Docs, Installing SQL Server on Linux, SQL Operations Studio

May 31th, Thursday
Jay Harris
Rebooting the ASP.NET Franchise

June 28th, Thursday

July 26th, Thursday

August 30th, Thursday
Troy Miles
The Best Editor on the Planet, Visual Studio Code

September 27th, Thursday
Joe Mayo
Testing in Production

October 25th, Thursday
Shaun Abrams
Testing in Production

Because of the holidays, the group does not meet in November or December.

The dotNet especially wishes to thank the inNEVation Center
for their support and for allowing us to meet at their location.

The inNEVation Center Logo
The dotNET Group wishes to thank Veeam for graciously sponsoring the sodas/pizzas for the group's meetings for the year.

We also wish to thank Nevron for sponsoring the group's Meet-up account.
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